Why is Home automation a comfortable option?

Back in the old days, you would see the man returning home from day’s toil, and slouching himself on the couch. His wife would be then tuning the television set or radio for playing music or listening to the news. A glass of water or a cup of hot tea would lighten the mood, and the evening would be spent talking or scanning through TV channels. Each time, when the man wanted to change the channel, or adjust the speaker’s volume, he would have to leave his warm couch to do it. If he is too tired, then the wife was there to lend a hand. Eventually, the comfort and the bliss of the evening would get spoilt by such minor distractions.

Today, this man has grown and so have his creations. Gadgets have been there at his disposal; they have now grown to be smart. TV shows and Music still exist, and maintains it delectable charm, but the way today’s man perceives it has changed. By the touch of the fingers, this man implements Lighting Control and alters the ambiance of the living room. A few more clicks and the room are all ready for a disco party. He can groove with the music or enjoy watching a good movie with his wife in his very own Home Theater. When we talk about this man, we are talking about no one else but you, and leisure and comfort you will reap is due to Home Automation.

So, what is Home Automation? It is a modern day practice where you control all the devices in your with your smart phone. In short, it is the method by which ordinary homes get transformed into the modern day Smart Homes. So, how does a Home Automation really transforms your home into a smart home? To understand it, let’s begin with Security. For guarding your den, you install locks on the doors. These locks are safe and durable for protecting the belongings of his den from burglars. However, burglaries happen and continue to happen as you read this.

lighting control

Lighting Control

With Lutron system from RSI, your home’s security, lighting and HVAC needs are controlled by a few buttons. This system can be programmed to match your daily schedules, and you can drop the worries of locking the doors or setting up the burglar alarms. Lutron is highly intuitive in controlling lighting and security automatically.

What if there are accidental fires in your home? Shirk your worries as the full-fledged Control4 system is always ready to extinguish it. It is the only system from RSI that is controllable by any kind of mobile device. It may be the cold winter or the warm summer; Control4 intuitive sensors adjust the climate to suit your comfort. Imagine the amount of stress and panic you can avoid when you install this system in your home.

What if you decide to host a party at home? Every party needs groovy music and dazzling lights, but your music system may not be efficient enough to handle the party mood. For getting the right music, Steinway Lyngdorf from RSI is the best option. It will provide Home theater system that plays crystal clear sound. Steinway Lyngdorf is fully automated system that executes complete control over delivering the right beat and rhythm of the music. You can pair it with Savant home automation system for managing the ambiance of the place.

What if you decide to relax and watch a movie on a weekend? You can entice the experience of a personalized Home Theater with the Savant system from RSI. Savant offers complete control over Lighting Automation and media devices, and you can adjust the lights, sound, and climate to match your mood. Moreover, this system can be completely controlled by iPhone or iPad. Savant offers exclusive control over many digital devices in your home, which would otherwise require individual control. It integrates seamlessly with the A/V Installation in your place, and with a single touch you can control the music or ‘streamed’ video.

Now, are you among the ones who will prefer living in the boorish lifestyle of the 60’s, or will you like to reap the benefits of the modern lifestyle with these home automation systems?



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